About daVinci's

daVinci’s is located in Frankenmuth, one of Michigan’s top travel destinations. It was founded by G and Paula Grossi in 1977 and has grown into one of the top restaurant destinations in town. For over 40 years, daVinci’s has been a huge part of Frankenmuth’s growth and success, having supported youth groups, sports programs, and school programs of all sizes. A Dedication to, commitment to, and love of Frankenmuth have all been major reasons for daVinci’s success. In 2021, Brett and Brent Lynch took ownership of daVinci’s with one goal in mind; to keep the great daVinci’s tradition going! Their love for the hospitality industry is already being reflected at daVinci’s with new improvements to the restaurant. Updates that include a newly remodeled banquet room and improvements to the patio. The Lynch Family is local to the Frankenmuth area and have other businesses in Frankenmuth. They are heavily involved in the local community, youth programs, and youth sports. Like the Grossi Family, the Lynch Family knows the importance of supporting local businesses and the community and will continue to carry on the tradition that G and Paula Grossi started! From our family to yours, we thank you for your continued support of Davinci’s

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